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Energy Efficient Roof Tips by a Sacramento Roofing Contractor

If you’re burdened by the increasing costs of electricity, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners are having the same problem. With climate change and energy shortage, every home’s energy consumption is expected to rise. Expected – but not unpreventable. As a Sacramento roofing contractor, let us share with you tips on energy-efficient roofing that can […]

Your Sacramento Roofing Contractor and Lien Releases

Just like most construction projects, your Sacramento roofing contractor may file a lien on your home before the start of a project. Find out how you may end up paying twice the amount of a project. What’s a lien? It is common practice among construction companies to loan the materials and the labor costs for […]

Why Ask Your Sacramento Roofing Contractor About Cool Roofing

The idea of having a cool roof has been around for quite some time, but it’s only been lately that homeowners are taking this seriously. With news about climate change and the present economic situation, cool roofs present a cost effective way to tackle these two major problems. The surface of a typical Sacramento roof […]

Which 3 Areas on Your Roof are Prone to Leaks?

In addition to the fabulous sunny weather, Sacramento can also be prone to rain, storms, and fierce winds. As such, roof leaks are a very common and real problem when it comes to roofing. Sacramento weather can worsen leaks, so it’s best to have roofs repaired as soon as the damage is spotted. This is […]

Roof Leaks: What to Do Before Your Contractor Arrives

What do you do when your roof suddenly develops a leak? For many homeowners, the first course of action is to panic and then call for a roofer. However, in the summer it can be difficult to get a roofing contractor to make repairs immediately; it is peak roofing season and most companies don’t have […]

File Claims Better with a Sacramento Roofing Contractor

Filing roofing claims can be a nightmare – both in terms of paperwork and the bureaucracy you may have to go through. If only a roofing job were not so expensive, we have no doubt most homeowners will prefer to skip filing and just pay out in cash. Fortunately, there is a way to file […]

Sacramento Roofing Contractor Insurance Help

While it’s tempting to accept offers from roofers to “fix” your roofing claim, there’s a reason a legit contractor doesn’t ask or offer to cheat insurance companies. It’s wrong, and while convenient, it can give you problems in the future. Legitimate roofers can help you in getting your claims approved without cheating. Here’s how: Call […]

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sacramento Roofing Contractor

Perhaps everyone would agree that when it comes to routine roof repairs, the job is best left in the hands of professional roofers. Although it’s tempting to go DIY when it comes to simple roof repairs, there’s nothing more irritating than bearing with the seemingly promising yet short-lived results of your attempt at roof repair. […]

Hire a Sacramento Roofing Contractor to Cover your Roof Maintenance Needs

Although the Sacramento area enjoys generally fair weather conditions, nothing beats proper roof maintenance in extending the service life of the average roof. Not only will it guarantee absolutely no immediate and messy roof problem, it will yield huge savings in keeping your home like new. You need to be aware of the basic elements […]

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