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4 Goals to Check with Your Sacramento Roofing Company

Have you ever felt short-changed by a company that overpromised but under delivered? Chances are the organization may have been too focused on making money instead of doing a good job. Roofing projects are more than just business ventures though. To avoid falling under the spell of a charming salesperson but a terrible Sacramento roofing […]

A Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Sacramento Roofing Company

California has 300,000 licensed contractors, according to the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). Eight times out of ten, a contractor that’s pitching a sale will tell you that the company can be trusted because it is “licensed, bonded, and insured.” When you hear the same claim from 200 other roofers though, the words start to […]

Build a Relationship with Your Sacramento Roofing Company

Who would you rather be: the homeowner who panics at the thought of a leaky roof because you don’t know who to call, or the homeowner who has a roofer on speed dial? Professional roofing contractors will treat their customers well, but it can’t be helped that there are those who get extra special treatment. […]

Sacramento Roofing Company Insider Information on Roofing

Ever had problems dealing with a roofing company before? Many homeowners we’ve encountered had frankly nightmarish stories about their own experiences with other roofers. One forgot to secure the permits, leading the poor homeowner to pay a hefty fine. Another homeowner had paid the project in full when it was done, only to discover several […]

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