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Sacramento Roofing and Siding

Yancey Home Improvements Has the Exterior of Your Home Covered When you think of the outside surface area of your home, the two largest areas are the roof and siding. Both of these areas are critical to your home’s: Curb appeal Energy efficiency Protection of everything on the interior Property value If you’re looking for […]

Sacramento Roof Repair

The Sacramento Roof Repair Experts! A roof provides so much to a home. It not only keeps the residents covered and protected, but it can be a major statement of architecture and style. Keeping your roof in optimal condition is important to its longevity. There are many different things that can warrant Sacramento roof repair. […]

Don’t Be Scared of Roofing Repairs

For many homeowners, roofing problems can be a scary and daunting prospect. It usually starts either with a leak or dark spots on the ceiling to let you know that there’s a problem with water leaking through the roof. You know it’s going to cost money, but letting it go can cost you more in […]

Questions on Roof Repair, Answered!

Many homeowners are wary about bringing their problems to the attention of professional roofers. Why? It’s because many roofers charge them just for a consultation. We understand why, but we don’t agree with that practice. We listen to you, the customer! Even here and now, we are willing to answer some of the most common […]

Emergency Roof Repair: Fixes for Gored Roofs

After a storm, it’s not always possible to get roofers for emergency repairs, even when a tree branch perforates your roof. Sometimes, when the demand for roofers is too high, you may have to settle for some short-term fixes before actual repairs can be done on your roof to properly repair the hole. These temporary […]

Metal Roof Repair Questions, Answered

Despite its popularity, there are still a lot of questions about metal as a roofing material from lightning strikes to possible repairs. If you are considering getting a metal roof for your home, you should be aware of these so you can make an informed decision. We strive to answer some of the most frequent […]

Metal Roof Repair in Sacramento: Common Damages

When it comes to roofing materials, metal roofing is as close as you can get to indestructible – almost, but not quite. While we agree that metal roofing is indeed the best choice if you are willing to spend a bit more for your initial investment, it can also get damaged. In fact, faulty installation […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Sacramento Roof Repair Projects

Sacramento roof repair projects can be quite confusing, especially if you are just starting out with your first home. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about roof repairs. Licenses Hiring someone claiming to be licensed is not enough. The City of Sacramento issues various licenses for various projects. Having a General Contractor license […]

An Unlikely Way to Save on a Sacramento Roof Repair

A Sacramento roof repair project can get very expensive very fast. While there are plenty of ways to cut down on a roofing expense, there are some methods most homeowners fail to do. Listed below are some easy ways you can cut down on repair costs. Maintenance Prevention is still better than cure. In fact, […]

Emergency Roof Repair Pointers for Sacramento Homeowners

Waiting for help to arrive can seem like the hardest thing to do during an emergency. For this reason, a lot of homeowners take it upon themselves to fix a leaky roof in the middle of a storm. Does this sound like you? If it does, then this post is for you. Below are some […]

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