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Sacramento Roofing and Siding

Yancey Home Improvements Has the Exterior of Your Home Covered When you think of the outside surface area of your home, the two largest areas are the roof and siding. Both of these areas are critical to your home’s: Curb appeal Energy efficiency Protection of everything on the interior Property value If you’re looking for […]

Tips for Better Roof Repair Sacramento Services

Many homeowners chafe at the idea of delegating all roofing work to professionals. Aside from the cost, many homeowners also have an ingrained distrust of having strangers in their home. However, there are cases where professional assistance is needed to get a roof back in good working condition. If you are wary of getting a […]

Roof Repair Sacramento Tip on Saturated Underlayment

Have you had problems with leaks in your roof? Most homeowners make the mistake of thinking that leaks are caused by holes or gaps in the roof. However, most perceived leaks are just pressed water that leak through your ceiling from a saturated underlayment. Water from rain and condensation due to insufficient ventilation can soak […]

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