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Latest El Niño Forecast: Is Your Roof Ready for the Beating?

With spring in full swing and summer in the offing, everybody is in for some dose of sunshine. California, however, is getting too much of it as drought is affecting most areas in the state. Now, climate scientists disclosed that there is a great possibility the country may experience El Niño this year, which should […]

Want To Save Money This Spring And Summer? Get A Cool Roof From Roofing Companies in Sacramento

Light colors reflect sunlight, while dark hues absorb heat. This means that you should coat your roof with a light color if you live in Sacramento, since the area receives a lot of sunlight, especially now that it’s spring heading into summer. Similarly, you can plant a rooftop garden to make a green roof, which […]

Class A Rated Folsom, CA Roofing Systems Protect Homes from Wildfires

A Los Angeles Times article published on January 18, 2014, describes the preventive steps the State of California has taken to contain forest fires, which have been exacerbated by recent dry conditions. The following excerpt provides more information: “The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has responded to 150 wildfires so far. During the […]

Nailing Sacramento Roofing Shingles: Air Pressure or Brute Strength?

[breadcrumb] Nail guns have become indispensable to the roofing and construction industries. Experienced roofing contractors use nail guns everyday to shoot nails up to 1,400 feet per second. One quick press will drive the nail right through the shingle’s slot and into the decking. While nail guns can accomplish the work much faster than a […]

Insured Sacramento Roofing Contractors are Good Roofing Contractors

While California doesn’t require businesses to carry general liability (GL) insurance, businesses that do carry general liability insurance are demonstrating their commitment to responsible service. As a consumer, you may not know much about GL insurance since it’s not really for consumers at all. This type of insurance is designed for businesses to protect them […]

Sacramento Roofing Companies Rehabilitate Residential Roofing Systems

On both sides of the Atlantic, there are structures that have withstood the test of time, and are silent witnesses to history unfolding. An article published by the BBC on January 21, 2014 reports that: Urgent repairs to an 18th century temple at one of the most visited National Trust properties in the country have […]

Have an Eco-friendly Home with Energy-efficient Roofing in Folsom, CA

Many residents in Folsom, CA are starting to recognize the advantage of cool roofs or energy-efficient roofs in reducing energy consumption. They are also starting to learn that these roofing systems actually minimize the home’s carbon footprint, making it beneficial not only to the home but to the environment, too. Thus, if you replace your […]

“Green” Roofing in Folsom, CA: One Small Human Act to Save the Planet

There are many ways to go “green” and there shouldn’t be any excuse as to why you cannot start living “green,” considering the effects of global warming. In fact, various news reports show that humans are actually the ones causing the climate change and its adverse effects on the environment. According to an article in […]

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