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Sacramento Roofing and Siding

Yancey Home Improvements Has the Exterior of Your Home Covered When you think of the outside surface area of your home, the two largest areas are the roof and siding. Both of these areas are critical to your home’s: Curb appeal Energy efficiency Protection of everything on the interior Property value If you’re looking for […]

Granule Loss According to Sacramento Roofing Contractor

Mineral granules provide protection against UV rays and heat damage to your roof. Without the granules, your roof will soon warp and age faster. As such, granule loss can become a serious issue. As a Sacramento roofing contractor, we stress that granule loss starts even before the shingles are installed on your roof. Roofing manufacturers […]

Emergency Roof Repair: Fixes for Gored Roofs

After a storm, it’s not always possible to get roofers for emergency repairs, even when a tree branch perforates your roof. Sometimes, when the demand for roofers is too high, you may have to settle for some short-term fixes before actual repairs can be done on your roof to properly repair the hole. These temporary […]

Sacramento Roofing Service: The Roof Frame

Neglected as it often is, a good roof frame plays an integral role in a high-performance roofing system. In this article, learn about its importance and how it affects a Sacramento roofing project. Structural integrity Roofs can easily reach net weights of a couple of thousand pounds. As such, your roof support system should be […]

Your Sacramento Roofing Contractor and Lien Releases

Just like most construction projects, your Sacramento roofing contractor may file a lien on your home before the start of a project. Find out how you may end up paying twice the amount of a project. What’s a lien? It is common practice among construction companies to loan the materials and the labor costs for […]

An Unlikely Way to Save on a Sacramento Roof Repair

A Sacramento roof repair project can get very expensive very fast. While there are plenty of ways to cut down on a roofing expense, there are some methods most homeowners fail to do. Listed below are some easy ways you can cut down on repair costs. Maintenance Prevention is still better than cure. In fact, […]

Finding The Right Sacramento Roofing Service Provider

In these financially-challenging times, we all want to save money.  Many of us scrimp and cut on our usual expenses. However, as far as securing your home is concerned, it is not always a wise place to penny-pinch.  You will want to choose wisely in protecting the structural integrity of your house without overspending. So, […]

The Most Common Materials Used For Roofing on Sacramento Homes

One of the best things about having a house inSacramentois the wide variety of options available to homeowners.  Since the climate in Sacramento is so mild and not prone to severe weather conditions, almost all sorts of roofing materials can be installed.   Here are some of the most common materials used for roofing Sacramento homes: […]

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